Weird Youtube Tangent last night

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Sat Apr 04, 2015 12:52 am

Okay so I am not usually one to watch Youtube videos on end but last night somehow i got on a "know your rights" police stops thing.

Now, I completely respect and think almost all police mean the best and are honorable, however in the videos they focus on how you don't have to present identification unless being detained or things like that.

its crazy, how these cops try to force you or small talk and get upset when you (although somewhat being a dick) are in their rights... example being standing on sidewalk video taping prison. they tried to say it was a problem until supervisor comes to essentially tell cop in private they are wrong...

i ended up watching these until like 4-5 am.. probably watched 3ish hours.. anyone watch those or had problems with police where they either try to buddy up or are really pushy?

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